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Commander 2019

August 4, 2019

Wait, didn’t Core 2020 just release? No rest for you! We are on to Commander Season.

Boosting Boosters

August 4, 2019

One thing that has been a constant in Magic is booster packs. Same contents all the time. (Although price keeps going up) But all that is about to change.

Pauper is Official!

July 6, 2019

The Pauper format has been around for awhile now, but it is now official. WOTC has official recognized the format and Pauper events can now be sanctioned!

Core 2020 Full Spoiler

June 30, 2019

This hype train has come to the end! The full Core 2020 spoiler has been revealed. Do you want me to tell you how it ends?

Mythic Championship III

June 30, 2019

Mythic Championship III is over and we have a winner: Matias Leveratto! This is relevant because it was the first championship played on MTG Arena. So what were the decks?

The New Promo Packs

June 30, 2019

Your local gaming stores are getting new prize support in the form of Promo packs! So what is a promo pack?


Magic Card Search

By Andy | May 25, 2019

Where is the best place to search for Magic cards? There are many options, but we recommend Scryfall!

Organize Your Cards With These Apps

By Andy | February 10, 2019

You have a system for your cards. You have binders. Or boxes. Or sitting in a pile in your kitchen. How can you better organized them? Here are some apps to do just that!

Official MTG Arena Forums

By Andy | January 24, 2019

Want to see the latest news and updates about Magic Arena? Here is the official forum site!

Market Watch

For Sale – Week of 1/6/19- Sell these cards now

By Andy | January 15, 2019

We’ve seen some uncommons spike up recently, so you know what that means….time to sell!

Magic Arena News

Magic Arena – June Update!

By Andy | July 6, 2019

What’s new on Magic Arena? A bunch! How about a hellcat?

More Arena Codez for you!

By Andy | June 30, 2019

A few more Magic Arena codes have been released. Hey, go get yourself something for free!

Free Free Free Code!

By Andy | June 20, 2019

How would you like something for free? Well, here are some free codes for Magic Arena!

May Arena Update

By Andy | May 25, 2019

The latest Magic Arena update has been released! So what’s new?

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